Roulette Strategy

Casino games are known worldwide due to the high stakes as well as luck and strategy that is associated with it, however there are some casino games in which there is no strategy at all, as they are entirely based upon luck, similarly there are some casino games that are entirely based up on the strategy as well as experience in the game and have no connection with luck at all, however there are some casino games in which you need luck as well as strategy side by side in order to win the game. Roulette is known to be one of the games where most people are not sure that whether any roulette strategy exists or not, as for most people roulette is known to be one of the games that are entirely based on luck; therefore in their opinion roulette strategy does not exist.

However the fact is roulette strategy do exist, but it is quite different as compared to the original definition of strategy, and this is because this roulette strategy is entirely based upon roulette probability. You need to calculate probability of the ball in the wheel that where it will stop, you can take some guidance from the previous outcomes of the roulette game, but for that you need to stick to the roulette table in order to judge the roulette wheel and to calculate the probability.

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Roulette strategy – Bet Type

There are different types of roulette strategies that exists today, however all of them are based upon the simple method of probability. Selecting the right bet type is also known to be one of the winning roulette strategies, as one should go with the type of bet he thinks that suits him best and he can win over it. If you are not comfortable with any type of bet or if you don’t know the complete details about it then it is recommended that you should ignore that bet, as you might find yourself difficult to win over the type of bet you don’t know anything about.
Roulette strategy – Roulette wheel

Two types of roulette wheels are available to play i.e.

  • American Wheel
  • European Wheel

Both of these wheels have a minor difference between them, and the only difference is that the American wheel has an additional number except the common ones i.e. “00”, however European wheel do not posses this additional number, and this thing allows a player to play an extra bet as well. One of the roulette strategy is that you should go with the wheel that you are most comfortable with it, as the change of wheel might trouble you in playing, hence it is known to be one of the most important roulette strategy.