A Brief List on the Popular Casino Games

The casinos are a wonderful way to get some additional cash in your pass time. Over the years several of the casino games have evolved but there are some which seem to be a hot favorite of almost all the bettors around. First of all we have blackjack. It’s a card game where the player has to reach a hand value of 21. Then, there’s poker, another card game. There are plenty of poker games with different rules and the most dominant among them are Stud poker, Omaha poker and Texas Hold’em. Next in the line is roulette. It’s a number game played in two sets of tables, European and American.

Then, slots are also considered to be a top preference of many bettors, either online or offline. The best slot machines are played in slot machines with many vibrant symbols and numbers. Besides, another popular card game is baccarat which is said to be the game of the high and mighty. The card game needs the players to have a hand value of 9. Other than these you have the games like craps that’s played with dices. Lastly, there’s bingo, a favorite number game that’s liked by many, regardless of gender and age.

Alien Cash Attack – Slot Machine Review

Alien Cash Attack is a three-reel, one-pay line slot machine created by the team at Microgaming and can be found at many new slot casinos listed here. The game screen is full of colour and fun with a series of alien space ships and people joyfully clutching a lot of money in their hands. The game reels are in the centre of the screen with the pay table to the right and nudge/gamble features to the left.

Anyone can play Alien Cash Attack irrespective of bankroll considerations. The game can be played for real money or for free, and if you do decide to play for real money there are a wide range of cash denomination options. You can play for as little as $0.10 per line bet or as high as $10 per line bet.

Alien Cash Attack has plenty of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to keeping you entertained. There is the WinSpins feature for example. Any regular win on Alien Cash Attack will activate the WinSpins game. WinSpins is simply a free spins feature and it is played on reels three and five. The number of free spins is dependant on the original winning combination and all winnings are added to your account once the free spins period has ended.

The game also possesses a nudge feature, nudge bank feature, gamble nudge feature and nudge repeat feature. Betfair casino gambling fans will not be disappointed because for a three-reel, one-pay line machine you can see that there is more to Alien Cash Attack than meets the eye. Find the best slot machines here.